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Rattan,Wicker and Textilene Garden and Home Bistro Sets

Wicker and rattan bistro sets are very popular and an excellent choice for your outdoor entertaining and dining needs.

We have an impressive range of rattan, wicker and Textilene bistro sets for you to take a look at and there’s no shortage of styles, colours and seating sizes available.

Natural wicker and rattan is a type of palm which is processed to make many types of products including garden bistro sets, patio sets and other types of garden furniture.

It’s very tough, durable and resistant to splintering, making it the prefect material for garden furniture sets.

Textilene is a hard-wearing man-made fibre which means it’s a great choice for bistro chairs.

Prices for a garden bistro set in this range start at around £50, rising to more than £2,000 for some of the really stylish models - so we’re confident you’ll find something that appeals to you.


Sets - £25 to £50

A wicker or rattan bistro set has contemporary charm

If you are more contemporary in your tastes, there’s an abundance of choice when it comes to bistro table and chair sets - with the most trendy options being rattan or wicker sets.

Rattan is a synthetic alternative to wicker which has become a very popular choice for conservatory and garden furniture in recent years, although the trend tends to be for outdoor armchairs and sofas.

We feature some lovely rattan bistro sets which often have an appealing smoke glass topped table. The most popular choices of rattan bistro furniture sets are beige, brown, white and black.

Other options which are similar in appearance to rattan or bistro sets are textilene and mixed material sets. Mixed material sets are currently very trendy and can feature combinations of various materials including rattan, cast iron, chrome and aluminium.

Mixed material bistro sets can be either all sleek, clean modern lines or give an updated look to the traditional iron style. This is normally achieved by keeping the patterned, metal legs and frames but being more original with the table tops and sometimes the chair seats. There are bistro tables like this which have glass tops and also several different takes on a mosaic tiled top.

A rattan or wicker bistro set can look really charming indoors too - many families have them in their conservatory and the provide the ideal setting for morning coffee and reading the newspaper or a good book. They range in price from around £50 to more than £300 for a luxury four seater set.

Although bistro sets do not tend to come complete with a parasol, some tables do have a central hole to add one.  Alternatively, a free-standing parasol can be added in order to preserve limited table space when you want some welcome shade from the sun. Many people also like to add cushions to their bistro chairs for extra comfort.

Keeping your wicker  or rattan bistro set looking fresh and new does not require a lot of work. Wicker is actually quite easy to clean, even when it is exposed continuously to the elements.

Wicker and rattan furniture attracts a lot of dust, especially between the woven fibers. You should dust down your garden furniture by hand fairly often, or use a soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum. This is usually enough to prevent any dust from building up, and messing up your set. Also use a small paintbrush or tweezers with cotton around the tips to clean between the fibers, and remove even the tiniest amounts of dust and debris.

If you spill liquid on your bistro set, simply wet a cloth, and wipe up the spill as soon as possible to prevent it from staining your wicker or rattan furniture. Use almost any type of soap or wood polish to clean the tables and chairs more thoroughly. Spraying the set down with a hose works well too, and is simple to do on your outdoor set.

It's important to prevent mold and mildew building up on a rattan or wicker bistro set.

You can take on the task of keeping this to a minimum after you have cleaned up your set by dusting, vacuuming and wiping it down. You should heavily dilute a very small amount of bleach in water, and apply the solution to your entire set. This should kill any mold and mildew currently growing, and inhibit new growth.

Wicker and rattan bistro tables and chairs are very stylish indeed and really complement any outdoor garden setting. These popular sets enliven indoor and outdoor environments and provide the perfect gathering point for a drink or snack with friends and relatives.

If you keep you bistro set in prime condition by cleaning and maintaining it regularly, you will have a marvellous feature in your garden which will serve you faithfully for many years.


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